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Cuir Sacre Eau de Parfum 100ml by Atelier des Ors

Brand: Atelier des Ors
kind: Unisex
In Stock
Price: AE850.00

We love leather scents of all kinds- rugged leather, smoky leather, smooth leather- but what about a leather so edibly spiced that it makes your mouth water? That's the gorgeous and potent promise of Cuir Sacré, an Andalusian inspired fragrance with all the unique vibrancy of a night out in the festive old city of Córdoba. 

Cuir Sacré announces itself as a different sort of leather instantly with an opening of crisp, aromatic juniper and savory cardamom that makes our eyes open and our tastebuds twitch. Delicate cypress and smoky incense nudge us back onto the streets and into the captivating leather accord, smooth and soft but with the slightly rough veneer of the uniquely hand-crafted. All the while, the unique airy spiciness of the opening lingers, reminding us that we haven't left this captivating, beautiful location. Spicy, dynamic, layered and deeply individual, Cuir Sacré is a new standard for leather fragrances.

Cuir Sacre  Notes

Juniper, cardamom, cypress, incense, saffron, cedar, leather, vetiver, cypriol


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