Irish Leather 75ml by Memo Paris

Brand: Memo Paris
kind: UNISEX
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It is one of those icy mornings. The sun shines

only with difficulty by the dark gray, heavy clouds. The air is crispy and dry, I feel it through my clothes. The north wind stirs the grass, the blades are sticking to my boots. I walk in the stables and open the wooden doors of the tack room, the pungent smell of leather, wood, amber and honey reveals itself. This ancient fragrance contrasts with the cold atmosphere. A soft neighing of my horse, she recognizes the smell of her freedom. The leather mixes with the air, the grass heats itself to the wood. Irish Leather gallops away and dissolves into the horizon. Fragrance notes: Top: Pink pepper, Salvia sclarea, Juniper, Green extent Heart: Oil of grass-smell, Iris Base: Tonka Bean, Leather, Birch oil, Amber



Recommended Use

Evening wear

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