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  • French Leather 75ml by Memo Paris
    Story   MEMO Paris' French Leather captures the deceptively casual, nonchalant spirit of all that is French; it represents a sparkle in the eye, a gentle smell of  suede and a certain style. Discerning the mood of a self-assured woman, MEMO's use of leather offers a clarity,..
    Ex Tax: AE850.00
  • Irish Leather 75ml by Memo Paris
    Story It is one of those icy mornings. The sun shines only with difficulty by the dark gray, heavy clouds. The air is crispy and dry, I feel it through my clothes. The north wind stirs the grass, the blades are sticking to my boots. I walk in the stables and open the wooden doors of..
    Ex Tax: AE850.00
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  • Italian Leather 75ml by Memo Paris
    Italy is the place for stargazers, where you can keep your dreams alive, give them a thousand lives and drench them in joy. Italians are like the French in a good mood. They leave the splendours of Rome behind, one eye on the rear-view mirror of their convertible, a playful smile on their lips, t..
    Ex Tax: AE850.00
  • Luxor Oud 75ml by Memo Paris
    Story   Memo's Luxor Oud is the marriage of wood and rose under the Pharaoh's whip and sceptre. Time stands still at the gateway of Luxor, humanity's oldest prayer site. The temple stones seem to vibrate in splendour and the roses sigh in the torpor. Luxor Oud, an oasis of roses and ..
    Ex Tax: AE800.00
  • Marfa 75ml by Memo Paris
    Story Gaze skyward, the desert is forgotten. Tuberose absolute. Mystery, infinity hidden from view, silence beneath the cacti. A slow-motion Western. Vanilla seed. The Milky Way leaves an azure trail, the road, half-cedar, half-sandalwood, rises. Orange blossom absolute. Monolithic shadow..
    Ex Tax: AE950.00