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  • Aube Rubis Eau de Parfum 100ml by Atelier des Ors
    The Scoop Luminous, sparkling and full of life, Aube Rubis is a celebration of light as rich as it is refined. Based around warm, exuberant aromatics, unisex florals, and featuring a perfectly balanced patchouli, it is a fragrance of untold depth, sophisticated but never heavy, and genu..
    AE990.00 Ex Tax: AE990.00
  • Baccarat Rouge 540 Eau de Parfum by Maison Francis Kurkdjian 70ml
    The Scoop In the Fall of 2014, Baccarat, the most prestigious and opulent crystalworks in the world, celebrated the 250th anniversary of their founding by releasing an extraordinary crystal decanter containing a luminous, exclusive fragrance created by Francis Kurkdjian. Only 250 of the..
    AE950.00 Ex Tax: AE950.00
  • Bat by Zoologist 60ml
    Winner of the Art and Olfaction Awards 2016 in the Independent category. Mystical, mysterious murmurings glide upon a blanket of inky sky. Shadows smear across the moonlight, their darting journey shrouded in darkness. Bats, the only mammal capable of true flight, are enigmatic and alien. ..
    AE850.00 Ex Tax: AE850.00
  • Irish Leather 75ml by Memo Paris
    Story It is one of those icy mornings. The sun shines only with difficulty by the dark gray, heavy clouds. The air is crispy and dry, I feel it through my clothes. The north wind stirs the grass, the blades are sticking to my boots. I walk in the stables and open the wooden doors of..
    AE850.00 Ex Tax: AE850.00
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  • Lune Feline Eau de Parfum 100ml by Atelier des Ors
    The Scoop There's nothing more alluring than defying expectations, and that's exactly what Lune Féline does with exotic flair. Too sweet and creamy for an oriental, too smoky and balsamic for a gourmand, Lune Féline is a genuinely delightful fulcrum between the styles- the kind of unexp..
    AE990.00 Ex Tax: AE990.00
  • Panda by Zoologist 60ml
    n encounter with a lovable panda is as unforgettable as the exotic forest it calls home. Like the majestic mosaic of dewy greens, and enchanting aromas of florals and fruits, this creature exudes a vibrance as light and playful as a Sichuan breeze. The opening of this oriental fragrance envel..
    AE650.00 Ex Tax: AE650.00
  • Rhinoceros by Zoologist 60ml
    Under the searing gaze of an unrelenting sun, the ornery Rhinoceros surveys his dusty territory. A tough, battered hide is his armor against the erosive onslaught of sand, whipped into a frenzy by a hot, merciless wind, as he stands strong, defending his domain. On first spray, Zoologist Rhin..
    AE650.00 Ex Tax: AE650.00
  • Rose de Taif by Perris Monte Carlo
    Rose de Taif Hidden in the oldest city, Taif in Saudi Arabia. This Arabian Damask rose is a rare and precious discovery. The rose possesses a powerful and sophisticated fragrant scent that entices the senses. Nature has created an alluring and captivating aromatic oil that is considered the b..
    AE750.00 Ex Tax: AE750.00
  • Rose Omeyyade Eau de Parfum 100ml by Atelier des Ors
    The Scoop Bewitching, beautiful, and a touch too beguiling to be completely safe, Rose Omeyyade is the very definition of a secret weapon. Named for the Umayyad dynasty, whose kingdom once stretched from Westernmost Europe to the Middle East, Rose Omeyyade is as expansive and cultured a..
    AE990.00 Ex Tax: AE990.00
  • Terroni By Orto Parisi 50ml
      Terroni Perfume by Orto Parisi, You will feel as though you have a piece of the earth around your pulse points once you spritz the bold scent of Terroni perfume around your neck. This fragrance draws inspiration from molten lava that lies just beneath the earth’s surface. It has a..
    AE800.00 Ex Tax: AE800.00
  • Tyrannosaurus Rex by Zoologist 60ml
      he Scoop A sultry heat wafts across the land, lapped up greedily by the abundant flora that thrives in its midst. Trees soar to majestic heights and plants flower for the first time, their petals spreading to give birth to a world rich in diversity. The Cretaceous period co..
    AE750.00 Ex Tax: AE750.00